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Why does sitting for a long time cause back pain?
Key Points for Choosing Massage Pillows
Lumbar Massage Pillow Massage Experience
Summary of the use of massage pillows

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In this era of frequent 996, I have to sit in front of the computer to code from morning to night every day. The office chair has no curvature, and the waist is empty without support. If I sit for a long time, my old waist will not be able to bear it.

Recently, I feel more and more that my old waist can’t bear the toss. I want to go to a massage shop for a massage, but the price of two or three hundred a time makes me discouraged, and my wallet can’t hold it. So I did a lot of homework on the Internet to see what massager can save my old waist.

In order to choose a massage product that is more suitable for me, I also prescribe the right medicine and understand the principle of why sitting for a long time will cause back pain. Finally, I picked a massage pillow that can meet my needs in terms of function and appearance.

Why does sitting for a long time cause back pain?

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This is actually caused by maintaining a bad sitting posture for a long time and excessive pressure on the lumbar spine.

Our spine has normal physiological curves, which include four physiological curves: cervical lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis, and sacral kyphosis. There are also intervertebral discs in the cones between the spines. It acts as a cushion and can absorb most of the pressure and impact from the outside world.

Under normal circumstances, our sitting and standing posture should be a straight back, but in a long-term working state, sitting and sitting will unknowingly become a hunched sitting posture. Especially some elders who often sit for a long time should pay more attention to maintaining their backs.

The lumbar spine that was originally bent forward becomes arched backward. At this time, the pressure on the intervertebral disc is the greatest. The lumbar muscles, intervertebral disc, and ligaments are continuously stretched, the small blood vessels of the muscles are compressed, and the oxygen supply is insufficient, resulting in lactic acid accumulation. Appeared.

Lumbar Massage Pillow Selection Points

In the end, the massage product that best suits my needs is the massage pillow. But there are so many massage pillow brands on the market, how to choose a cost-effective and reliable massage pillow?

Shopping points:

1. Multiple massage modes and multiple levels of massage intensity

The massage mode of the massage pillow can simulate a variety of massage techniques. The richer the massage techniques, the greater the user’s choice and the better the user experience. Everyone has a different tolerance for massage intensity, and multiple levels of intensity can also facilitate users find the most suitable massage intensity for them.

2. Ergonomic design

Choose a massage pillow that can fit the physiological curve of the spine, so that the back will not hang in the air. The filling material is best to use this kind of slow-rebound memory foam, which will not collapse for a long time and can also share the burden on the waist.

3. Removable and washable pillowcase

This is very important. Pillowcases are easy to breed mites after being used for a long time, and sometimes when the pillows are taken to the office, many people rush to use them together, and they must be cleaned regularly to be clean and hygienic.

4. Can be used wirelessly

Whether you go to work, drive a car, or watch TV at home, there are times when these scenes are sedentary, so it is best to use the massage pillow wirelessly, which is convenient for use in various sedentary scenes.

According to these purchase points, I compared many massage pillow brands and finally chose this massage pillow.

The Mid-Autumn Festival and Teacher’s Day are coming soon. If you don’t know what to choose as a gift, you can start with the same style. Teachers who sit at their desks for a long time in the office are prone to lumbar spine strain, and elders who have back pain problems all need a massage pillow.

Massage experience

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Of course, no matter how beautiful and cute the appearance is, the most important thing about the massage pillow is its massage experience. A massage pillow with both appearance and strength is a good massage pillow.


1. Ergonomic design, large supporting area

The design of the massage pillow is quite unique. It is the kind of micro-curved body, which fits the physiological curve of the spine well, supports the waist without hanging, and the massage position is more accurate.

And its supporting area is 486cm². Every time I lean on it, I can clearly feel the benefits of this large area. In addition to giving me a sense of peace of mind and comfort when I am wrapped, I can also massage Covers the latissimus dorsi, quadratus lumborum, erector spinae, and spinal regions.

In the middle area, you can massage + support the tensest muscles in the waist, that is, the erector spinae. While massaging and applying heat, it can super relieve sore muscles. In addition, this pillow also uses high-resilience sponge, which shares the burden on the waist muscles, and it is not tiring to sit for a long time.

2. Wonderful simulation of human hand massage experiencemassage cushion pillows

The massage pillow is really different, it doesn’t have that mechanical massage feeling, it’s completely like a real human hand giving you a massage, the experience is amazing~

The massage head is one big and one small, with a height difference of 1cm. This design can simulate human hand kneading to achieve a soothing effect of kneading, kneading and releasing, and can knead more accurately to the sore area.

During the massage, the massage head rotates lightly and heavily alternately, and some small acupuncture points and sore areas on my waist can be massaged precisely, and the feeling is really soothing and relaxing.

3. One machine with multiple functions

In addition to massaging the waist, the massage pillow is also useful. Head-neck-shoulder from top to bottom, the acupoints of the shoulder and neck muscles can be taken care of, one machine with multiple functions, covering all parts of the body.

For example, I have to bow my head to the computer for a long time when typing, and I also have to bow my head when swiping my mobile phone. At the end of the day, my shoulders and neck muscles are stiff and sore. But with this multi-functional pillow, it is much more convenient.

There are few neck muscles, so the massage intensity needs to be lower. I usually choose a low level of intensity, turn on the hot compress function, and massage with forward and reverse alternately. It feels like someone is helping me to pinch the muscles with the palm of my hand. It relieves my shoulders and neck soreness.

And there is no noise at all when using it, which must be praised!

Usually, when I go shopping and wear high heels, my leg muscles will be sore and tense after walking for a long time. When I come back, I will use the Netease massage pillow to massage my calf or thigh muscles.

I usually use high intensity, and it is also combined with the hot compress function. It is very sore and refreshing when I use it, but the leg muscles are much better when I get up the next day, and it is very comfortable.

When I usually have my period, my back is prone to soreness. I also use this massage pillow to massage my waist. The low-level force + hot compress function is warm and super comfortable.

What’s thoughtful is that there is a zipper hidden at the bottom of the pillow, which can be pulled open to remove the protective cover for cleaning. After all, massage pillows have many uses. Our hair and skin are in direct contact. The oil and sweat on the hair and skin are easy to stick to the outer pillowcase, and it is easy to breed mites. Therefore, the pillowcase should be cleaned regularly to use it clean and hygienic.

In addition to the pillowcase material on the surface, we also need to pay attention to the inner core material of the massage pillow.

The material filled in the inner core of the pillow I used before is too soft to provide enough support. When a person leans on it, it will sink in a lot, and the pillow will collapse after using it for a long time.

So the filling material of the massage cushion must be praised. It is filled with slow-rebound memory foam, which is wide and full without sinking. When I lean down, I feel that there is a hand behind me to support it.

Summary of the use of massage pillows

After using it for a period of time, the whole person will no longer have backaches, or neck and shoulder pains after work every day. Overall, this massage is really good.

1. The massage experience is very powerful, simulating the finger structure of a real person, just like an old Chinese doctor is massaging, and the pressing is very accurate;

2. Large-area support, well wrapping the entire waist, with the function of a hot compress, soothe the fatigue of the day;

3. Wireless design, unlimited usage scenarios;

4. At the same time, one machine can be used for multiple purposes. You can massage your neck and calves wherever you feel uncomfortable.


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