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Is it really useful to use Massage mattresses to reduce physical fatigue?

Is it really useful to use Massage mattresses to reduce physical fatigue?

A massage Mattress is useful under normal circumstances. Massage Mattress has the effects of relieving fatigue, relaxing tendons and collaterals, and accelerating blood circulation. It can be used to improve back pain and general fatigue.

What are the health benefits of Massage mattresses?

1. Massage

Massage can target specific parts of the human body, such as meridians, acupuncture points, and nerves. To dredge the meridians, regulate nerves, and eliminate pain.

2. Spine Correction

Chiropractic straightening through acupressure, massage, traction, and rapid transfer of thermal energy deep within the body, combined with photothermal, actinic and other effects, softening the tissue, traction, and correcting the spine.

3. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage can adjust the balance of yin and yang of the human body, the circulation of qi and blood, and enhance the function of viscera. Shiatsu glides meridian lines and energy conduits to exert pressure on hundreds of acupoints and meridians throughout the body. Shiatsu plays an important role in maintaining health, enhancing vitality, and balancing Qi and blood.

Four, warm scorching

Warm sunburn promotes the metabolism of adrenal cortex glands and enhances inflammation and immunity. It stimulates the meridians, acupoints, and painful parts on the surface of the human body to a certain extent, and gives the meridians a warm breath, so that the circulation of Qi and blood is smooth, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.

Five, beauty and body

Body beauty refers to perfecting the body posture through various massage methods, making the body beautiful and sexy, and achieving beautiful skin, face-lifting, lifting, and slimming effects.

When using Massage Mattress for massage, the massage time should be 10-30 minutes at a time.
The massage pad control function is integrated into the hand controller, with 7 sets of fully automatic massage techniques built-in, with 3-speed intensity adjustment, and the buttons feel crisp, which can meet the massage needs of different users. After the power is turned on, the hand controller will have a backlight display, which is also easy to operate in a dark environment. It should be noted that this massage pad also has a built-in carbon fiber heating function, which can make the back evenly heated, remove moisture and drive away cold, and can be used in winter or cold environments. , bringing a warm and comfortable experience like a SPA.

The equipped hand controller has four built-in programs of stretching, twisting, relaxing, and relaxing, supplemented by partial massage of the neck, waist, and back, and contains a variety of intelligent massage techniques.

After the intelligent massage mattress is powered on, the user selects the corresponding program, the massage cushion will be inflated and the local massage can be achieved through the inflation and deflation of the local airbags and vibration. In addition, the airbags in the neck, shoulder, waist, and hip areas can also be inflated and deflated as a whole. , simulates human hand massage, so as to achieve fascia stretching, relax the cervical spine and shoulders, reduce the fatigue of the back and thighs, and achieve the magical effect of relieving physical fatigue.

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