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Many massage chair distribution companies will not tell you the material of the massage chair, but we can tell you

Massage chair material requirements

The materials used for domestic massage chairs have always been the secret of massage chair manufacturers, not only the secrets of ordinary massage chair manufacturers but also the massage chairs of big brands at home and abroad. As the source massage chair manufacturer, I also know the unspoken rules of this industry. As a manufacturer that has been deeply involved in the research and development and production of massage chairs for 20 years, there are comparative data for each item of massage chair configuration parameters. Another brilliant feat.

Full Body Home Massage Chair FJ-260

In recent years, there have been many massage chair manufacturers entering the massage chair industry. There is vicious competition at low prices. Many massage chair manufacturers are fighting price wars in order to grab orders. Many massage chair manufacturers even use low prices as a gimmick to attract customers, and then cut corners. , shoddy, and most massage chair manufacturers have problems such as lack of experience, weak research and development capabilities, and irregular quality control, resulting in the uneven quality of massage chairs.

In order to maximize profits, many massage chair manufacturers use materials with excessive formaldehyde to replace high-insulation motors with ordinary motors and change metal materials to plastic materials in order to reduce costs and compete with customers. The above air pump was changed to an air pump with a service life of only more than 500 hours, and even false standard configuration parameters.

Even some brand massage chair manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, directly reduce the process in the production process, falsely mark the parameters, and ship the finished products without 100% testing. However, the customer asked to check the material configuration parameters but was repeatedly rejected on the grounds of company confidentiality.

A customer in Beijing found us on the Internet and told us anxiously that the massage chair samples he purchased had quality problems. After buying and using them, he felt the defects in comfort, noise, and safety protection of the massage chair.

This time, after being introduced by a friend, I contacted our massage chair factory hoping to get the corresponding matching massage chair. After communicating and understanding with the customer, we arranged for the development department to make a sample of a luxury massage chair, and send it to the customer for testing together with the parameter data. At the same time, the customer also found several other companies online to get samples.

A week later, the customer called me again, saying that after analyzing and comparing many situations, they finally judged us and another big brand massage chair manufacturer as the winner. The customer reported that our massage chair and the leather cover of the big brand massage chair are all plump and thick. They feel delicate, soft, and smooth to the touch, and they are flexible and elastic when grasped and pinched with fingertips, and the sponge inside is very thick and elastic, just like sitting on a sofa that can massage. The sponge inside the neck, back, waist, and buttocks of the chair fits the curve of the body comfortably and comfortably.

Product performance fully meets their requirements. After comparison, the price of our massage chairs is 25% cheaper than that of big brand massage chairs, and each item of our massage chairs has comparative data. On the other hand, customers ask for parameter information from domestic big-brand massage chair manufacturers and only take some broad and rough information. Those related to material issues are all refused to provide on the grounds of internal company information. After that, the customer placed the order with us without hesitation.

What massage chair is good?

85% of the core components of massage chairs purchased by peers are self-developed and molded, which meet the national certification standards. The materials used will never cut corners, 6 additional safety protections, and the delivery time is guaranteed. You can wrestle with big-brand massage chair giants.

Looking for a massage chair, the quality is safer than the insurance company, and the service is better than the customer. Each item of our massage chair has comparative data to make sure you understand it clearly.

Back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, leg cramps, and falling asleep comfortably in a massage chair.

Tired, tired, with a massage chair you can trust.

Written by: FUJIREJA Massage Chair Group
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