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Tips for choosing a massage chair

How to choose a massage chair


1. Movement

The movement is the most important component of a massage chair, which determines whether a massage chair can achieve the massage effect you want. There are multiple massage heads on the movement, and the strength and technique of massage can be realized by motors such as kneading and tapping, which can be roughly divided into 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D.

1D: This type of movement is the most basic or primitive. The massage head is fixed and can only move up and down. It cannot be moved or retracted. The massage is not particularly comfortable, and it has been eliminated from the market.

2D: It can realize simple up and down, left and right messages, with a walking motor, kneading store, and knocking motor, and can realize basic actions such as kneading and beating.

3D: It can realize rubbing up and down, left and right, and front and back, which is closer to a real person massage, the experience will be more comfortable, and the application is more common.

4D: Based on 3D, other heating functions or stretching and rebate functions are added. The experience may be better, but the price is high, so it is not recommended to buy.

2. Guide rail

The guide rail is the movement track of the movement. Its length and shape directly determine the reach and massage effect of the campaign.

Basically can be divided into straight guide rail, S-type guide rail, L-type guide rail, and SL-type guide rail.

Straight guide rail: Obviously, it is a straight rail that can move up and down, but our spine has a certain curve, which does not match our human body. This kind of massage is not very comfortable. It is a relatively cheap massage on the market Chairs generally use this kind of guide rail for you.

S-shaped guide rail: Compared with the straight guide rail, the S-shaped guide rail is more in line with the curve of the human body, but its massage track is relatively short, and it can only cover the back, not the waist and other body parts.

L-shaped guide rail: Compared with the S-shaped guide rail, the massage trajectory will be longer, which can cover the shoulders, buttocks, etc., and the massage is more comprehensive, but the disadvantage is that it is not as good as the S-shaped guide rail, which will cause uneven massage.

SL-type guide rail: Combining the advantages of S-type and L-type, it can not only fit the curve of the human body but also cover the shoulders, waist, buttocks, and other parts. It is also the most comfortable experience and the most widely used.

3. Airbag

3D Intelligent Massage Chair

The role of the airbag is a supplement to the front movement and guide rail. Because the movement and guide rail can only massage the torso of the human body, other parts such as arms, calves, and thighs cannot be covered, so the role of the airbag is highlighted at this time!

It adjusts the airbag’s volume by inflating and deflating, and it circulates continuously to achieve a good pressing effect.

Then someone will ask if the more significant and more airbags, the better.

of course not. Generally, the more scientific design is: for parts with more muscles such as legs and waist, large airbags are used, which have better coverage and more comprehensive massage, while for forearms and feet, small airbags are generally used.

4. Material

It mainly depends on the material of the massage head and the surface material of the massage chair.

The massage head should be made of silicone material so that the more resilient material can massage just right, and it is naturally more comfortable.

It is not recommended to choose genuine leather as the surface material. Leather is not easy to maintain, and it is easy to age over time, so the life of the entire massage chair will inevitably be shortened. Generally, you can choose leather or PU material, which is more wear-resistant, and at least it doesn’t hurt to use it.

Other purchasing suggestions:

Zero gravity: Now there are massage chairs on the market equipped with zero gravity (meaning that the human body is in a state of weightlessness), it is recommended to choose it first because the human body is more relaxed in a zero gravity state, the whole body can be adjusted, and the comfort is higher.

Body shape detection: This is very necessary. The massage chair can detect each person’s body shape, and adjust the corresponding position and function according to the body shape for better massage.

At present, detection technologies are mainly divided into dual-dimensional detection, Hall + optocoupler dual detection, and microcurrent + infrared detection. The accuracy will increase in turn, and of course, the price will increase accordingly. You can choose according to your own needs and budget.

Hot compress function: This function is necessary for some people who need hot compress. For example, people with shoulder and neck pain, lumbar muscle strain, etc., can buy a massage chair with a hot compress function to help them relieve symptoms. Note that it is only an aid and cannot be used as a medical device.


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