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What effect does a massage chair have on the human body?

The effect of a massage chair on the human body

1. Neck and shoulder care:

For neck and shoulder tension caused by long working hours or poor sitting posture, the massage chair provides a variety of massage modes to relieve muscle pain and relieve neck and shoulder discomfort.

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2. Lumbar support and improved posture:

The massage chair has a unique lumbar support function, which helps improve sitting posture, reduce waist pressure, and prevent waist pain and bad posture.

3. Back care:

For back muscle tension and fatigue, the massage chair provides a variety of massage techniques, from roller massage to point-and-click mode, providing comprehensive relief and care for the back.

4. Hip and pelvic care:

Through vibration and air bag massage, the massage chair helps relieve sciatic nerve pain and improve pelvic discomfort.

5. Thigh and calf care:

The massage chair also focuses on muscle fatigue in the lower body, providing thigh and calf massage of different intensities to promote blood circulation and relieve leg discomfort.

6. Foot massage:

Through air bag massage, roller massage or heating function, the massage chair takes care of your feet, helping you relax the plantar fascia and improve overall comfort.

7. Full body comfort:

Combining the functions of multiple massage areas, the massage chair can provide full-body comfort and massage experience, providing you with comprehensive care and reducing systemic pressure.

8. Personalized care:

Massage chairs usually come with a variety of preset massage programs and manual modes, allowing you to choose different treatments based on your needs that day.
The full-body care massage chair is a multi-functional, comprehensive health-focused device that provides you with personalized, full-body comfort and care. Its multiple functions and modes ensure you can receive full-body care based on your specific needs.

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