latest eye massager

The latest eye massager is a new product that is very beneficial to the eyes

The latest eye massager is a new product that is very beneficial to the eyes

The driving force behind the progress of human civilization is laziness

Take the latest eye massager as an example. When our eyes are tired and uncomfortable, manual massage is afraid that the acupoints will not be found correctly, and the gain outweighs the gain. Hot towel compresses are a bit troublesome. Is there a simpler and more effective way to relieve eye fatigue?

in trouble? Want to be lazy? No problem, experts, merchants, and designers work together to create an eye massager

Table of contents

1. Study, work, play, and watch dramas, are your eyes okay?

2. Don’t forget to maintain your eyes regularly

3. Don’t rush to buy, read the strategy before you start

1. Study, work, play, and watch dramas, are your eyes okay?

I was obsessed with “Peace Elite” for a while last year and started a grand journey of chasing dramas with a group of girlfriends

Repeated battles and repeated defeats, repeated defeats and repeated battles, never tired of it

Excessive use of the eyes for a long time, the eyes began to warn within a few days, dark circles quietly appeared,

At first, I didn’t care about it and ignored it, just applied eye cream to repair and relieve dark circles,

After a long time, the eyes can’t stand it. After a game, everything except the mobile phone screen is blurred. It takes a long time to return to normal vision. It is also accompanied by red and swollen eyes, bloodshot eyeballs, soreness, and staring at the computer screen for a long time at work. I can’t help but cry, and the dark circles under my eyes are getting worse.

My colleagues and friends all thought that I was broken up and caused by excessive sadness, and they all came to comfort me. I was so moved that I couldn’t help crying again.

It is impossible to break up, the premise is to have a boyfriend

People are like this, only when there is a problem, will they know how to be afraid and will change.

Feeling anxious, I went to the ophthalmology department for a series of examinations. Fortunately, there was no major problem, but the eyes were a little inflamed due to excessive use of the eyes for a long time. The doctor prescribed a bottle of eye drops and told me to play less on mobile phones and computers and rest more. If the eyes are uncomfortable Hot towels can be used.

After learning from the pain, I reported the situation to my girlfriends when I got home that day, and then unanimously decided to disband the “Peace Elite Sightseeing Squad”.

eyes are busy

That’s right, it’s the norm in today’s society.

The student party has a heavy academic load, endless books, endless exercises, and endless texts. The first thing that is crushed from morning to night is that the eyes have been ruthlessly hurt before they grow up, so many children are young. I started wearing glasses at a young age.

Office workers stare at the computer screen all the time during work, such as designs, drawings, forms, contracts, etc., the eyes are not idle for a moment, and the computer screen will release a large amount of harmful blue light, which will continuously damage tons of output.

Young people in the game party go to work during the day, and after getting off work, they can squat on the computer and hold a mobile phone game all night, and even play games all night long. One can imagine how much damage such a habit will do to the eyes.

The postgraduate entrance examination party is always immersed in materials, books, and data. The group that studies hardest is a group of werewolves who wish they could get into the books and travel around. They are equipped with highly myopic glasses as standard.

Short video lovers are right, they are short video lovers, regardless of age group, from children as young as three or four years old to grandpas and aunts in their sixties (don’t spray me for exaggerating, you can carefully keep a look around ), the video software clicked on, and an hour passed unknowingly in the laughter and laughter. This is the power of short videos. It keeps pushing what you like, which makes you unable to extricate yourself. What’s still the eyes (eyes: I’m too south)


Long-term high-intensity eye use is likely to cause visual fatigue, resulting in a series of discomfort symptoms such as eye soreness, swelling, pain, bloodshot eyes, dark circles, etc.

Warning warning warning, if you have the above symptoms, please pay attention, this is the eyes are protesting and giving us an early warning, please pay attention, if you don’t pay attention to it for a long time and don’t improve it, it may lead to conjunctivitis, glaucoma, myopia in the long run In severe cases, cataracts will also form, which is very scary.

so are your eyes okay?

2. Don’t forget to maintain your eyes regularly

Parents have taught us since we were young that “eyes are the window to the soul of human beings. We should love her, protect her, and treat her well.
She is one of the most important organs through which we perceive the world, so please love her deeply. ”

During that time, I would like to follow the doctor’s advice to quit the game, reasonably control the time of using mobile phones, go to bed early and not stay up late, and at the same time use various eye care methods. I also followed my mother’s advice and replaced the scented tea in the thermos cup with eye protection. “Goji Berry Chrysanthemum Tea”

Within a few days, the dark circles and redness gradually dissipated, and the various discomforts in the eyes gradually eased until they disappeared.

Which one works best? I really can’t tell for a while.

Going to bed early and waking up early should be the best. During that time, I feel my eyes are bright and my energy is great.

In addition to sleeping late, oh no, going to bed early, there are several other ways to protect your eyes:

eye exercises

A skill that was discarded after the college entrance examination has not been used for several years. I can still complete the whole set with my physical memory when I prop up my hands and close my eyes, but the whole process is not so smooth and natural without the sound of the radio (if you are interested Friends can download a set of eye exercises audio from the Internet) By the way, see if you can recall those memories of your school days.

Eye exercises can effectively relieve eye fatigue, but the premise is that there must be a standard, that is, the acupuncture points must be accurate, otherwise, random pressing may have a negative effect and cause damage to the eyes (real physical damage).

Here I have found a set of illustrations of standard eye exercises for everyone, hoping to help you.

When working, close your eyes and rest your mind regularly

When working for a long time, stop the work at regular intervals and let your eyes rest for a while. You can do a set of eye exercises to massage your eyes, or simply close your eyes and rest your mind to let your eyes and brain rest for a while. You can also look into the distance. Looking into the distance is also a very effective way to relieve eye fatigue, adjust focus, and prevent myopia.

eye drops

Eye drops to relieve eye fatigue are generally artificial tears, so when buying eye drops, you must

Read the instructions carefully Read the instructions carefully Read the instructions carefully

When the eyes are tired, dry eyes, red eyes, and foreign body sensations will appear. At this time, artificial tear eye drops can moisturize the eyeballs and relieve these uncomfortable phenomena.

It is a three-point drug. It is said that some eye drops contain preservatives, so they are not suitable for long-term use.

apply eye cream

It is easy to use and the effect of eliminating dark circles is also very good. It is expensive, expensive (I use Lancome Eye Cream) but for the skin and to deal with dark circles and bags under the eyes, it can only be said that the eye cream is not effective for relieving eye fatigue.

hot towel

Applying a hot towel to the eyes can promote blood circulation and eliminate eyelid swelling and dark circles. It can also relieve ciliary muscle spasms, relieve eye fatigue,

Personally, I think the most comfortable way to raise your eyes is to lie on the bed or on the sofa soaked in water at a temperature of about 45° and put a towel on the eyes. The moist, moist, and warm feeling is really great and very comfortable. And the effect is also very good, the eyes are very comfortable after application, and it can also improve the quality of sleep.

The only downside: the temperature of the hot towel is not persistent. In winter, the temperature dissipates after applying it for about two minutes. It must be soaked again. After ten minutes of a hot compress, you need to soak the towel back and forth 3-5 times. At this time, there is a boyfriend. . . It’s good that the girlfriends are waiting on the side.

Eye massager

Today’s protagonist, many people have doubts about him. This issue will be analyzed later. Let me talk about my experience first.

When I saw it for the first time, I saw a colleague using it, but I thought it was cool and didn’t pay much attention.

After experiencing the “game eye injury incident”, my brother sent me an eye massager. When I got it, I was skeptical and read a lot of comments from professionals, big Vs, and netizens on Zhihu: It works. , Not bad can relieve eye fatigue, the key is convenience.

To put it simply, the eye massager is a hot compress + massage. When I first started using it, I was a little unaccustomed to the mechanical massage and the airbag being pressed, but I got used to it after using it a few times. The advantage is that the mechanical massage is even in force, yes even if It is not like my own massage. In the beginning, I am full of energy. The standard of movement is in place, the rhythm is in place, and the rhythm is balanced. As the number of times increases, I start to be lazy with myself, cutting corners and coping with things.

There is also the hot compress function. Personally, I feel that the experience is not as comfortable as a towel hot compress, but it is worse than its constant temperature system.

The use effect is also good, it can really relieve eye fatigue, and it is easy to use and carry. Now I always put it in my bag and press it for 15 minutes during the company’s lunch break, and 15 minutes before going to bed at night.

The overall use summary is: it can really relieve eye fatigue and is very convenient to use

3. Don’t rush to buy, first look at the parameters before starting

Functions: The main functions of the latest eye massager include: airbag massage, multi-frequency vibration massage, artificial hand massage, constant temperature hot compress;

When choosing, pay attention to the massage modes of the product, such as air pressure + hot compress, air pressure + vibration + hot compress, and separate hot compress. It does not mean that the more modes the better, and it cannot be too single. Every human body feels different. It cannot be said that every mode can adapt. Space to adjust yourself.

The massagers on the market now have a lot of accessory functions such as built-in music, Bluetooth connection, voice prompts, APP control, and AI interaction, these are all accessory functions, you can choose according to your preferences.

Material: I won’t say much about the appearance material here. Let’s talk about the lining material. The eyes are very sensitive parts, so we must pay attention to this aspect. Common lining materials include protein leather, PU leather, suede, and silicone. Protein leather is a kind of PU leather, which is more breathable than ordinary PU leather, soft to the touch, and easy to clean. The Suede is breathable, soft, skin-friendly, and strong in heat preservation. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the one that suits you.

The eyes are one of the most fragile and important parts of our human body, so we must pay special attention when purchasing, eliminate the messy and poor, and choose those brands and products with strong technology, high quality, and strict quality control.

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