home massage chair

Such maintenance for a Home massage chair, these methods you might need to know!

If you want your massage chair to be able to use for a few years, a dozen years,
Then be sure to pay attention to maintenance

Massage chair maintenance precautions
Let the massage chair accompany you to the old days ~

Placement is important

A home massage chair was placed in the room to pay attention to more ventilation, do Guard against dampness。

In fact, ventilation is to moisture, since it is electrical, then moisture is common sense, try to put our massage chair in that dry and ventilated place, so the location is very important, of course, this need not please feng shui.

Massage chair to avoid direct sunlight, in the placement of massage chair, also need to pay attention to a point, that is Avoid direct sunlight, which helps the massage chair last longer.

Because the massage chair surface is generally cortical, if exposed to the sun will affect the quality of the cortex.
Being away from children is also protecting them.

Although the massage chair is health care equipment but also belongs to the electrical category, should try to avoid allowing children to play, so as not to touch a switch, resulting in unnecessary consequences.

If you want to use the massage chair to massage the child, then you must have a parent accompany you, especially the children in primary school!

Reduced movement of massage chairs

A massage chair is best placed in a fixed position because the massage chair equipment is designed with complex precision, its own weight and volume are very large, reducing unnecessary moving can avoid bumps, scratches, and other mobile damage, but also the best protection of the internal structure of precision.

So be sure to reserve a good massage chair position before buying, once placed to minimize movement!

A regular cleaning Massage chair is also an indispensable part of maintenance.
In cleaning the massage chair, you can take a vacuum cleaner or brush to get rid of the dust and hair above, and then with warm water with a soft cloth to clean the seat that the leather and various related components.

Ps: rag must be wrung dry, so as not to cause moisture.

Can’t be used as a shelf

The main function of the massage chair is to provide massage services for the body and a place to rest for a short time, so it is best not to use the massage chair for other purposes such as children bouncing or playing on it.

Do not put heavy objects on the massage chair, especially Sharp objects. Once the massage chair leather lacerations, like a beautiful face with a scar, not only Yan value plummeted, but also affect the service life of massage chairs.

So, the point of maintaining a massage chair special equipment。

However, the daily maintenance of different massage chairs may have a small difference, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully after the purchase, so you can be foolproof

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