high end massage chairs

High end massage chairs: Do you know why they don’t use Genuine Leather? one good question

High End massage chairs

It is breathable leather with pure color, good air permeability, and excellent wear resistance.

Massage chairs are generally made of special leather (PU leather) for massage chairs. Leather is rarely used. The stretch rate of the leather is too poor. After repeated stretching, it is easy to wrinkle!

High end massage chairs

A friend asked why the leather of the massage chair in the physical store of the massage chair is so comfortable, the touch is delicate, soft, and smooth, and it is flexible and elastic when you use your fingertips to pinch it. What kind of leather is this? Is it natural leather?

In the eyes of ordinary consumers, the general price of massage chairs seen in massage chair stores is tens of thousands of yuan, and they think it is natural leather. First, the massage chair leather material in the massage chair store is delicate, soft, and smooth to the touch; secondly, the massage chair is being produced. The sewing process is very meticulous and the lines are even and neat. And most of our understanding of leather is still in the concept of natural leather, after all, many of the sofas we see are natural leather.

Therefore, many people should have such confusion. When purchasing leather products such as massage chairs, sofas, leather shoes, leather clothing, etc., they often hear from merchants what kind of leather to use, but we can’t figure out whether the product is the first layer of leather or the second layer. Leather, recycled leather, or artificial leather, just these few are not enough, and more and more innovative materials on the market are even more confusing. This is what many people have asked. Many types of leather do not look different in appearance, but the price difference is very large.

What is the difference between them?

Massage chairs rarely use natural leather, unless the customer requests to use natural leather as a luxury massage chair, otherwise, the massage chair manufacturers will not consider it.

The first reason is the scarcity of natural leather;

The second reason is that high end  massage chairs made of natural leather are expensive and require careful maintenance;

The third reason is that the high end massage chair is based on the working principle of mechanical rolling extrusion. The ductility and physical properties of natural leather are poor, and it is easy to wrinkle under repeated mechanical stretching.

Therefore, massage chairs generally use special leather, such as PVC, PU, ​​EPU, and microfiber leather.

PVC is the first generation of artificial leather products. It is coated with polyvinyl chloride resin and is a leather imitation product based on the silk road, random three-needle, mesh cloth, fish scale cloth, and imitation cotton velvet. It is characterized by being similar to natural leather. , the price is cheap; the disadvantage is that it contains a large number of chemical raw materials such as plasticizers, and the resin coating is attached to the base fabric. The tensile strength of the base fabric is average, and it is easy to age, harden, become brittle, and crack. Many massage chair manufacturers and massage chair physical stores that pursue low prices have more choices.

PU is the second generation of artificial leather. It is processed by using polyurethane resin coating and leather base fabric (the base fabric is also divided into twill and plain weave) and imitation cotton velvet. The resin coating is not only coated on the bottom. The top of the base fabric is also fused with the base fabric. Regardless of the manufacturing process, ductility, and tensile strength, it is better than PVC. It is free of formaldehyde and eight carcinogenic heavy metals. so it is good for High-end massage chairs too.

The full name of EPU is solvent-free ecological leather. It is also made of polyurethane resin coating, leather base cloth, and imitation cotton lint. It only uses a water-based polyurethane that is processed with no solvent or water. Low-carbon production, green Energy saving, no formaldehyde, no eight carcinogenic heavy metals. Compared with PU leather, it has many advantages. It is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, not easy to peel and crack, and does not require special care. It is more flexible and elastic, softer, smoother, more delicate, environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy.

Microfiber leather is the third generation of artificial leather, which is processed with microfiber base cloth and polyurethane resin. Whether it is internal microstructure, appearance texture, physical properties, or leather comfort, microfiber leather can be Comparable to natural leather. Moreover, it surpasses natural leather in terms of chemical resistance, quality uniformity, water resistance, and mildew resistance.

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