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How much information do you know about the sound and strength of a good quality massage chair?

How much information do you know about the sound and strength of a good-quality massage chair?

About the strength and sound of the massage chair
Countless consumers have common questions

1. Is the stronger the massage chair, the better?
2. Is the quieter the massage chair the better?
3. The stronger the message, the louder the message sound.

Next, we will answer in detail
Is the massage force of the massage chair better?

Massage intensity has never been the criterion for judging the quality of a quality massage chair
A massage chair with high strength ≠ a good massage chair, in the same way, a massage chair with low strength ≠ a bad massage chair.

The quality of massage chairs is never judged by their size or strength.

So what are the criteria for judging massage chairs in terms of massage force? – Powerful. Regardless of strength, only a massage chair that can achieve strength is a good massage chair. The so-called force penetration refers to the force that can apply the force acting on the surface of the body to penetrate deep into the bottom layer of the muscle for a deep and soothing massage.

Most of the FUJIREJA massage chairs have a lot of strength, but all of them can be strong.

Should the massage force be so strong that it feels sore?

Some consumers don’t know where the so-called massage theory comes from – only a massage chair that feels painful is a good massage chair. This is a complete fallacy.

A good quality massage chair will not give you strong pain at the time of massage, and it may be a little sore. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is no pain, but the pain is blocked. The blocked meridians cause it, but it will not be excruciating. Relax. Different degrees of soreness that vary from person to person generally appear on the 2nd or 3rd day of the massage.

What are the effects of a high/low massage?

During the massage, if the body produces a throbbing pain, it means that there are problems with the massage position and the massage technique. If the massage is performed in the wrong state, the greater the massage intensity, the greater the damage to the body.

As long as the massage position is accurate, the technique is in place, and the force is penetrated, no matter how hard the massage is, the impact on the body is the same. The difference is that people who are more stressed are suitable for a massage chair with a larger force; those who are not stressed are more suitable for a massage chair with less force.

Are massage chairs as quiet as possible?

Noise level is one of the criteria for judging the quality of massage chairs.
The massage chair is driven by the movement of the manipulator and the airbag to massage, and the sound is certain.

The size of the sound is determined by the quality of the movement, as well as the material, quality, and occlusion of the mechanical hand-based parts. An excellent massage chair must have very little noise, and a massage chair with a lot of noise must not be called a good massage chair.

FUJIREJA massage chair is very quiet and can be ignored in most cases. Even if a person massages on a calm night, the sound it makes will never disturb you.

Does a powerful massage chair make a lot of noise?

The strength and noise have nothing to do with it.
The strength of the massage chair does not mean that it is noisy.
The strength of the massage chair massage has nothing to do with the noise. The loud noise can only mean that the quality of the massage chair is not good enough, and the occlusion between the parts is poor. Generally speaking, a massage chair with a lot of noise does not feel very good when massaging, and there will be a throbbing pain. The massage force of the FUJIREJA massage chair is relatively strong, but there is almost no noise.

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