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How to choose a foot massager?

The fast-paced work and life often make our bodies exhausted. When we have the opportunity to have a massage to relax our whole body and relieve fatigue, we have committed “lazy cancer”. The appearance of a massager allows us to enjoy the “service” of massage parlors at home.

According to Chinese medicine, there are many acupuncture points on the human body, and massaging the feet can promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, improve sleep, make the brain get sufficient oxygen, make you refreshed and clear, and many other benefits. Choosing a good foot massager is very important for the user. Which is the best foot massager?

The current foot massager can be regarded as an upgraded version of the traditional foot massagers. On the basis of the foot massage, additional functions such as instep, full-package airbag massage, and hot compress are added. If you want to buy it, let’s start with the foot massager.

Foot massager‘s structure
Whether it is a foot massager or a foot massager, the most important message function comes from the motor, transmission mechanism, and massage components inside the machine. The principle is: the driving gear shaft and the four driven gear shafts, the driven gear shafts are divided into two groups, the gears in one group are directly meshed with the gears on the driving gear shaft, and the gears on the other group are between the driving gears. There is an intermediate gear, a protruding disc is fixed on the upper end of each driven gear shaft, and every two protruding discs correspond to a sole of the foot. Opposite the protruding disc is a massaging rod set on the foot pedal, and the massage rod passes through the foot. The pedal can move up and down relative to the foot pedal, and the massage rod is divided into a long rod, a middle rod, and a short rod.

Foot Massager Type
1. Magnets: It is mainly a kind of physiotherapy device that inlays magnets with different properties on a certain plane to form an uneven surface, so as to perform natural uneven massage and physical radiation massage on the feet of the human body. Belongs to the simplest foot massage product.

2. Bubble: The main form of bubble massage is the widely popular foot bathtub, which enables people to use the machine to generate oxygen while in the foot bath, and massage the soles of the feet through constantly churning bubbles.

3. Mechanical: It is mainly a pure mechanical massage of the feet by using a continuously rotating roller, which is natural and comfortable. No side effects. Foot massagers are mostly mechanical.

Other functions of foot massager
1. Infrared physiotherapy
2. 4D wrapping message: multiple airbags, 360-degree fit to massage the entire foot.
3. Foot warm feeling hot compress: foot hot compress function.
4. Foot and leg dual-use, leg airbag + rotating disc wrapping.

Type of massage
Due to the many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, the foot massager is also the main function of simulating real people to perform a variety of massages. It can be roughly divided into pinch, roll, scrape, top, knead, push, and other foot massage techniques. The more advanced ones are also subdivided into forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot, and the massage intensity can also be adjusted in various gears, which are suitable for people of different ages.

In terms of purchase, we choose the foot massager based on the purchase reference index ★★★★★ of each function, distinguishing the primary and secondary.

Safety material★★★★★
Since the foot massager is an electrical appliance that is in direct contact with the human body, its safety is particularly important. In addition to selecting those products that have passed the inspection of nationally recognized testing institutions. In addition, most foot massagers are plastic shells, try to choose new ABS or PP materials.

Massage Technique★★★★★
Most foot massagers on the market use mechanical arms to simulate various massage methods of human hands. Common foot massage methods include pinching, rolling, scraping, tapping, kneading, and pushing. When purchasing, you can focus on asking the store staff or look at the massage methods supported by the massager product brochure.

Massage fineness and intensity★★★★
In addition to having enough massage techniques to choose from, the fineness of massage cannot be ignored. Because there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, pressing them accurately can have a good effect.

In addition, according to the different stress conditions of the elderly and young people, a foot massager with adjustable strength should also be purchased.

Extra Features★★★
To a certain extent, the foot massager is an upgraded version of the foot massager. In addition to the functions of the foot massager, it also adds many unique functions such as full-angle wrapping, airbag massage, warm and hot compress, sterilization, etc. Function. Some also extend upward to increase the function of massaging the calf.

In addition to the core and sublimation functions, the clear operation and ease of use make the product feel intimate. Since the elderly may use the foot massager more frequently, the simple and clear operation is a friendly plus for the elderly. In addition, many products have additional remote control operations and smart APP operations, which are much more convenient to use.

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