Folding massage mattress

Folding massage mattress, hot compress + massage,  it’s so comfortable!

Folding massage mattress, hot compress + massage,  it’s so comfortable!

Table of contents
Reason for recommendation
Massage Features
Part 1 Shoulder and neck kneading: Knead the fatigue away
Part 2 Hot compress: Warm the back and no longer catch cold
Part 3 Airbag traction: Stretch
Part 4 Fixed-point frequency conversion massage
Features of massage mats
1. Foldable, does not take up space
2. Masseuse for the whole family
3 Security
4. Easy to use

Multifunctional kneading massage mattress
It is as light and thin as a small blanket and does not take up space. It can also massage the whole body and apply hot compresses, and you can relax while lying down. The price is less than a fraction of the massage chair, which is a good deal.

Recommended reason for the folding massage mattress:

1. Vibration, kneading, hot compress, traction, all-around massage from head to toe, enjoy 15 minutes, and relax all day.
2. Plush material, soft to the touch, can be used for sitting, lying, and lying, and it is convenient to roll the massage chair.

15 minutes to change into a relaxed

Massage Features

Part 1 Shoulder and neck kneading: Knead the fatigue away

Usually, when I go to work, I look down at the computer and play with my mobile phone, and my neck and shoulders really suffer. He Haoming upgraded the front and back kneading of the neck and shoulders this time, with rounded massage contacts, simulating real massage, and kneading the cervical spine and both sides of the shoulders.

Adjust the right position, do not blow or black, this 3D feeling is the same as the massage therapist I spent 300 yuan to find a few days ago. When I close my eyes, the teacher seems to be behind me.

The strength is moderate, and after pressing it, I feel that my neck is no longer clicked, and the stiffness of my neck watching the computer for a day has been rubbed away, and I have relaxed a lot.

Part 2 Hot compress: Warm the back and no longer catch cold

Now that the seasons are changing, the weather is getting colder, and the feeling of physical discomfort is doubled.

The back also has a deep heat compress function.

The weather turned cold, and when I lay down on the bed, the heat started to spread from the waist and back, and my whole body was warm.

High-end 50 degrees, low-end 40 degrees, continue to warm the back, the heat is fast and stable.

Not to mention how comfortable it is to use in cold weather, even now I am lying on it, I feel the same as eating hot pot in summer. blood all
It’s flowing, it’s smooth!

Part 3 Airbag traction: Stretch

Two sets of upper and lower airbags are designed at the waist position.
By inflating and deflating zoned massage, the waist and buttocks are pressed against the waist, and the muscles are dynamically driven, imitating the master’s massage techniques in one fell swoop.
The rhythmic movement up and down can not only eliminate fatigue but also gradually shape the normal and healthy psoas curvature and relieve stress.

Use the real ups and downs to achieve the effect of “traction”, like the master behind you pulling your waist, the feeling of opening it all at once, sour!

Part 4 Fixed-point frequency conversion massage of the folding massage mattress

The high-frequency vibration motor is used to perform fixed-point vibration massage on the calf, and the vibration can be clearly seen when the water is placed on it, and it will only feel crisp when lying down, but will not cause numbness.

The constant frequency-changing vibration swept through the whole body. The soreness of the legs caused by walking or standing for a long time was replaced by the numbness that went straight to the bones. The more the vibration, the easier it was!

After this set, it will stop automatically in fifteen minutes, and slowly fall asleep in the soothing, waking up as if the burden has been lifted, and the whole body is relaxed.

One set, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, and legs, enjoy relaxation from head to toe! Lying on it and playing with the mobile phone, you will feel different, and you are not afraid of the burden of bowing your head.

Features of massage mats

Sit, lie down and use various postures flexibly
Soft texture and full of details
On the basis of the full massage ability, various small details of product design also reflect convenience and comfort everywhere.

1. Foldable massage mattress does not take up space

10 times more flexible than a massage chair, comfortable, and does not take up space

First, think about how big the massage chair is, and you’ll know how flexible the massage pad is.
Sitting, lying, and lying in one, bed, sofa, carpet and other home scenes can be matched.
You can leave it as you like, how you feel comfortable, find your own relaxing posture, and start a full-body massage journey.
Wherever you put it, where is your happy home?

Special short plush surface with, a soft and delicate skin feel.
Touch it with your hand, it feels like a plush toy, and it is comfortable to lie down in any season.
It is filled with high-resilience memory foam, which is more suitable for the massage point, and when you press it with your hand, it seems to breathe.

When not in use, you only need to fold and fold, and then put it into the storage bag that comes with it, which does not take up space and is small in size.

2. Masseuse for the whole family

Suitable for the whole family
Suitable for all body types and heights. (Any height range of 140cm or more can be used)

3. Security
Safety is also guaranteed. Each product has passed the insulation test, 12v safe voltage, and overheating protection device. It is comfortable to use even when you fall asleep.

4. Easy to use
There is no extra button on the remote control, and you can select the function with one button.
The function keys for adjusting the gear mode are also very clear, which can be used by the elderly and children.
Put it in the storage bag next to it when you don’t need it, it won’t tangle or fall off, and it’s intimate with small details.

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