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Do you know the amplitude, speed, and battery capacity of the fascia gun?

The amplitude, speed, and battery capacity of the fascia gun

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The amplitude of the fascia gun

Fascia gun speed

Fascia gun battery

The amplitude of the fascia gun

Amplitude is the length of the “stroke” of the fascia gun, and it is the depth and amplitude of the strike that the fascia massage gun can achieve. What I am talking about here may be different from others, so everyone should be optimistic.

Different from what is said in other guides, the bigger the real amplitude is not the better. Many girls will say this sentence, and boys will reply, but. Regarding the fascia gun, this is a fact.

Because the condition of each muscle group is different for each person, you can’t seek the bigger one, and if the amplitude is too large, what you get may not be soreness but soreness. According to the amplitude, fascia guns can be divided into three categories: mini fascia guns, professional fascia guns, and training fascia guns.

The size of the amplitude should be selected according to the individual situation. First, let’s talk about a simple standard, taking the commonly used body mass index (BMI) as an example if your weight is within the normal and thin range.

The amount of exercise on weekdays is not much, and there is a need to buy a fascia gun. In most cases, a fascia gun is more like a massage device for daily use, so you just choose a mini fascia gun.

Because under this index, the body fat rate is not high, and the muscle mass of the muscle group is not large. It is redundant to choose a fascia gun with too deep amplitude, and it may even be because of the high degree of movement, the muscle group is not enough when using it. You must be able to bear this strength, and the feeling will not be comfortable.

And if you are a person who loves sports, has regular exercise and fitness habits, and has relatively developed muscle groups with high toughness, then you can choose a mini fascia gun with better parameters or a professional-grade fascia gun, which will have a better effect on sports recovery It will be much better.

As for the fascia gun used for training, you must ensure that your physical fitness is at or close to that of a professional athlete, or you are a professional yourself, otherwise, you should not choose it.

Like me, I don’t have pectoral muscles, and my legs are not much thicker than my wife’s. My muscle group is not thick enough to withstand the impact of a large-amplitude fascia gun. It’s sore at first but just hurts later.

Because of individual differences, the amplitude parameter cannot be as large as possible. It is a good choice to start with your own needs.

In conclusion:

If you don’t exercise much, and you only use the fascia gun as a tool for a relaxing massage, then you can choose the mini fascia gun, which is completely sufficient. If you have regular exercise habits and have better muscle groups than ordinary people, you should choose a mini fascia gun with better parameters or a professional-grade fascia gun. If you are sure your physical fitness is close to that of a professional athlete, or a professional, you can choose a training-grade fascia gun.

Fascia gun speed

The speed is the frequency. No matter what kind of fascia gun, the speed is generally between 0 and 3300 rpm. Because of the existence of the initial gear, it usually starts at 1000 rpm, and the frequency is adjusted according to the gear.

Try to choose more ranges for gears, so that you can find a frequency that is more suitable for you, and you can also avoid muscle adaptability under a single frequency, and switch multiple gears to ensure the maximum massage effect.

Fascia gun battery

Needless to say regarding the battery capacity, a higher cruise rate is better. The space occupied by this thing is just like that. Whether you want to make it bigger depends on the brand’s design.

As mentioned above, the structure of the fascia gun is very simple, but once the mechanical structure is simplified, if you want to have better parameters, you need to enlarge the structural parts to increase the power, so mini fascia guns, professional fascia guns, and training fascia guns One is heavier than the other.

This also reflects the rules of their use. Mini fascia guns are generally used for daily relaxation, and portability is a very important criterion. Brick industry fascia guns suit fitness people, requiring better parameters and medium volume.

The brick industry-grade fascia gun is generally used by athletes or professionals, usually with the help of a professional health nurse, and the amount will be larger.

The weight of the mini fascia gun is generally within 500g, the professional fascia gun is generally 500-1000g, and the training grade fascia gun is generally above 1000g.

One more point: Regarding the massage head that the fascia gun will be equipped with, the most commonly used one is the round head and the flat head. Many brands use the number of gun heads as a reading point. Don’t worry about it. You won’t use many massage heads for a long time.

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