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Does the cervical spine massager feel like an electric shock?

The cervical spine massager

Hahaha, the electric shock you mentioned is actually low-frequency pulse massage, one of the two massage methods of the cervical spine massager. This is a popular massage method at present. Manual massage stimulates the contraction of the muscles and then relaxes the muscles, so there will be a feeling of tingling current.

Before using the low-frequency pulse cervical spine massager, you need to pay attention to it, so that you can experience the product better;

1. Apply the soothing gel provided by the buyer on the electrode pad before use, so as to increase the fit between the skin and the electrode pad and avoid “needle sticking” pain;

2. At the beginning of use, the massage intensity level should be changed from low to high, and slowly adjust to the level that suits you, so as to avoid the risk of tingling when you start to use high-level massage. Generally, the median level is enough;

If you are busy at work and don’t have time to apply the soothing gel on the electrodes and don’t like the wetness of the cervical spine, you can choose another massage method of the cervical spine massager, the physical massager.

Physical kneading is to use the massage head of the machine to rotate and vibrate to imitate human hands to knead, massage, press, and tap to massage our necks, which can promote blood circulation and relieve shoulder and neck pain;

Physical massage is much more convenient to use than low-frequency pulses, and the user experience is much better than low-frequency pulses. You don’t have to worry about the risk of stinging. Moreover, it is designed to imitate human hand massage, and the experience is more like a massage chair. 99% of people can be very good at acceptance.

In addition, there are also many portable physical neck protectors on the market, which have been greatly improved in size and weight and are convenient to use in the office;

Both massage techniques can relieve cervical pain caused by sitting for a long time. If you are not sensitive to electric current or use pulse products for daily use, you can choose low-frequency pulse massage;

If you are in conflict with the current or you are not sure whether you can use pulse products, it is safe and stable to choose physical kneading massagers. For example, I prefer physical massagers in the form of U-shaped pillows, which can be used as pillows during lunch breaks in the office;

Tips: The most important thing to choose a cervical spine massager is to choose the massage method that suits you

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