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Do you know the health benefits of car massage cushions?

The health benefits of car massage cushions

Sitting or driving for a long time can seriously damage the health of the spine and the brain, and the brain is the power station of the human body, supplying electrical energy and conducting the nervous system.

The spine is the electrical panel that adjusts and distributes energy. Once the spine is deformed, it will inevitably cause pressure on the nervous system, resulting in a variety of diseases. It is recommended that people who drive frequently should use a massage cushion to maintain their health.

I believe that many people have this experience. After driving for a period of time, there will be a feeling of soreness in the waist and neck. This is due to the degeneration of human bones and soft tissues. At this time, we must realize that our health is threatened. The signal should be adjusted as soon as possible. If it is not resolved in time, the pain will be more intensified.

The car massage cushion can relax muscle spasms, strengthen local blood circulation, increase the temperature of local tissue, and improve the pain of local tissue; at the same time, it can also relieve and relieve tension or spasm.

The car massage cushion simulates manual pushing, kneading, etc., which can adjust the dislocation of the joint, the misalignment of the sutures can interfere, the tear of the soft tissue can be aligned, the slipped tendon can be corrected, the prolapse of the nucleus pulposus can be restored, and the synovial membrane is incarcerated. Can withdraw, and finally eliminate the pathological factors that cause muscle spasms and local pain, which is conducive to the repair and functional reconstruction of damaged tissue.

Massage cushions to regulate the nervous system

If you are in one position or action for a long time, you may experience low back pain, headache, dizziness, etc. when you stop. Now using the FUJIREJA intelligent massage cushion can excite the nerves, but also cause the nerves to be inhibited and adjust the function of the nervous system. to balance excitation and inhibition. Using massage cushions to enhance resistance According to the survey, using a car massage cushion for 10 minutes a day can slightly increase the total number of white blood cells, and increase the phagocytic index of white blood cells and serum antibodies significantly, thereby improving the body’s resistance.

Massage cushions promote blood circulation

Regular use of FUJIREJA smart massage cushions can improve the blood circulation of skin and muscles, promote the metabolism of tissues and organs, strengthen gastrointestinal function, and stimulate or inhibit nerves, so as to relieve pain, pain, inflammation, swelling, and spasm. Adjust human function and enhance immunity. With the development of modern technology, it has developed from traditional manual massage to machine-operated massages, such as car massage cushions, home massage chairs, car cervical spine massagers, etc., and is more and more accepted by people.

It is also a must for families and individuals. health care equipment. Knowing the functions of so many car massage cushions, I believe you will also feel that you have a suitable one, caring for your body and paying attention to your health starts with every little thing every day

The massage cushion has three types of massage methods: beating, shiatsu, and slapping. Microcomputer control, timing function, lightweight design suitable for home, office, and car use. The elastic band fixing method is suitable for any chair. Put the body close to the massage cushion (or sit and lie down), the massage cushion starts to work, and then press the part selection button to select massage. Five parts work at the same time.

In addition, it can effectively ensure the temperature balance, and make a well-proportioned kneading massage on the meridians, acupoints, muscles, and body surfaces of the waist, back, and shoulders of the human body. In addition, the massage cushion can promote blood circulation to the human body, improve metabolism, eliminate muscle soreness, and regulate the autonomic nervous system. It can be used in all seasons (the heating function can be turned off in summer).

In addition to car massage cushions, home massage cushions can also clear the meridians, improve microcirculation, and promote metabolism. It is very good to relieve physical fatigue, and it is very useful for the health of the body, especially for the elderly and busy with work.

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