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Do you know the fat reduction effect of a belly massager?

The belly massager can help eliminate excess fat in the seven major parts of the back, buttocks, waist, thighs, and calves, promote gastrointestinal motility, help clear the bowels in the intestines, improve constipation, and at the same time effectively block oil, achieve detoxification, slimming, and beauty. So, is the stomach massage instrument detoxification and weight loss? Today, I will introduce my knowledge in this area.

The abdominal massager can perform vibration massage on the deep part of the human abdomen, enhance gastrointestinal function, eliminate abdominal fat accumulation, stool and constipation, and is ergonomically designed. The abdominal massager can help eliminate excess fat in seven major parts of the back, buttocks, waist, abdomen, arms, thighs, and calves, promote gastrointestinal motility, help clean up stools in the intestines, improve constipation, and at the same time effectively block grease, achieve detoxification, slimming, The effect of beauty.

At the same time, the abdominal massager can also promote blood circulation, clear the fat in the blood vessels, tighten the loose skin layer, and make the skin tighter and more elastic.

The principle of belly massager for weight loss is as follows:

1. Flat waist and abdomen:

Fat is attached to the organs; too much visceral fat will increase the burden on the organs and become a hidden danger of disease. 1/3 of human body fat is accumulated in the waist and abdomen. Powerful shock waves decompose the precipitated fat into fine particles and excrete them from the body. At the same time, it can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, clear the meridians and promote metabolism. Lose waist and abdomen in a week.

2. Crushed body fat:

In the fat accumulation and subcutaneous 80% part, the subcutaneous fat is too much and the body is bloated, which is also extremely unfavorable to the health of the body. It can be vibrated in different places according to the needs, and the thumping circular massage, the vibrator releases 3000 strong shock waves per minute, activates the lymphatic system of the whole body to penetrate quickly, drains fat quickly, smashes the fat chain, and smashes the large cellulite in the waist and abdomen. The semi-solid fat turns into a liquid state, which is decomposed into a molecular state such as glycine by the lymph nodes, and then excreted from the body with the urine and sweat so that the waistline shrinks rapidly.

3. Shape the body curve:

In the fat accumulation and subcutaneous 80% part, the subcutaneous fat is too much and the body is bloated, which is also extremely unfavorable to the health of the body. Help you quickly consume excess body fat, strengthen Li Zhenbo to make your local muscles evenly tighten, burn excess fat, and your body will be curvy and ready to show.

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For those with bad spleen and stomach: use the abdominal massager to a massage for 15 minutes every day, no need to take medicine, easily relieve abdominal discomfort!

The abdominal massager is hot now!

Many people have the habit of taking a walk to digest food after meals, which can help them sleep better at night. Some people also like to lie down and rub their stomachs half an hour after meals, which is also for gastrointestinal comfort, conformity to the spleen and stomach, and avoiding diseases caused by the spleen and stomach.

The so-called visceral diseases are ever-changing, and some people will have diarrhea, abdominal distension, stomach pain, acid regurgitation, and other symptoms if they are not careful in their lives.

But after all, the drug has a lot of dependence and side effects on the body, and the body has been uncomfortable, so it can’t be a “medicine jar”!

Therefore, many people began to try Chinese medicine therapy. Through the unique methods of Chinese medicine, different degrees of stimulation to the human viscera are produced, so as to adjust the function of the body and restore the physiological state to achieve the effect of eliminating diseases.

Some people say that it is too troublesome to go to the medical center, and there is no time at all. Can you achieve the effect by pressing the acupoints at home by yourself?

In fact, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, visceral massage must identify the meridians. If there is pressure on the stomach, what acupuncture point do you want to see the pressure on? What techniques should be used for meridians and acupuncture points where the pain points are not obvious? When to supplement and when to reduce? Different massage directions have different effects.

The abdominal massager acts on the waist and abdomen, adjusts the constitution, prevents chronic diseases, and is specially designed for sub-healthy people.

The abdominal massager is like hiring an “old Chinese medicine doctor” at home. Long-term use can play a physiotherapy effect, further regulate the spleen and stomach disorders, and also reduce the damage caused by long-term medication to the body, and fundamentally improve abdominal health.

I can’t lose weight, my body is still bad!

use it to save you

Whether men or women, many people are now losing weight all year round, but they have never lost weight. why? If you have a good chat with them, you will know that you are really busy.

Working every day is super tiring. When it is time to eat, the chest is pressed against the back, and people are alive as soon as they eat. Do you say let them eat less? If you eat less, you will be hungry, and you will have no energy all day long. I’ve been busy all the time, but I’m fat, so I can’t stop working!

In fact, regular work and rest, and less exercise will not be very fat, but many people work harder than exercising, if they exercise enough, they will still gain weight. This is all overwork fat. The body does not have a good rest, the work pressure is high, and the spleen and stomach cannot function properly.

Originally, the work of the spleen and stomach is to transport and transform, but if the body continues to overuse, the metabolism will slow down, and waste cannot be eliminated normally. The busier you work, the fatter you get.

If you can’t stop working and take a good rest, you should start small, take care of yourself, and help the spleen and stomach to transport phlegm and dampness, so that the body will be more relaxed, the work efficiency will be high, the mood will be better, and the body will be more smooth.

A 15-minute massage every day can help you break down fat toxins and start a positive cycle for your busy and tired body.

Haruki Murakami said: “I always thought that people grow old slowly, but it’s not. People grow old in an instant.”

For modern women, what they are most afraid of is not the hard work of taking care of the family, but the premature aging of their own bodies. When the bottles and jars of skin care products have little effect, they have also begun to pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the skin is a mirror of the functional state of the internal organs. If the internal organs function normally, the skin will be healthy, moist, and rosy; if the internal organs are dysfunctional, the skin will appear dull, rough, and wrinkled, with acne, and chloasma.

The rise and fall of the five internal organs is an important cause of detrimental skin diseases and premature aging of the face, and the use of beauty products and beauty equipment cannot really solve the fundamental problem.

On the basis of syndrome differentiation and treatment, the abdominal massager regulates the dysfunction of the five internal organs and regulates the endocrine function through acupoint pressing and positive and negative kneading (for example, most chloasma patients have menstrual disorders and other problems). “Everything inside must be shaped outside”, through conditioning the internal sub-health, so as to obtain a healthy body and face.

42 degrees constant temperature hot compress

belly warm

This abdominal massager also has a very intimate function, that is, 42-degree constant temperature heating. It can relieve the poor blood flow in the waist and abdomen, dispel cold and remove dampness, and warm the body from the inside out. The two best ways to treat pain—massage + hot compress, are more suitable for women in their menstrual period.

But if the abdominal massager is too comfortable and you fall asleep, wouldn’t it be dangerous for the machine to keep heating up? Rest assured, this massager can be intelligently timed, how warm you want, how long you want to enjoy it, and what kind of massage you want, it’s all up to you.

Design principle of abdominal massager

The abdominal massager can independently adjust the action area, covering the abdomen, waist belt vein area, back waist, and even the thigh can also be used!

The message plate covers the main acupuncture points on the waist, and the acupuncture points are strengthened to adjust the digestive system and endocrine systems in two directions.

Heating is optional, promoting the peristalsis of the viscera, accelerating the metabolism of the viscera and the discharge of toxins, and achieving the effect of health care.

The need for an abdominal massager

The function of the viscera of the human body is a natural defense line against disease. Once weakened or the gap is opened, the resistance will be greatly reduced, and diseases will be plagued.

The abdominal massager meets the needs of different physiques in terms of professionalism, strength, speed, and frequency. It not only maintains the physiological functions of each organ but also attaches great importance to the functional connection and coordination between the zang-fu organs. By maintaining and massaging the abdomen for a certain period of time and adjusting the meridians and blood, it can greatly enhance one’s own immune function and disease resistance. . Doing 15-30 minutes of abdominal health massage every day is a powerful measure for health and health.

I hope that everyone can maintain a simple and healthy life, live a relaxed life, and use health to improve their happiness in life.

Written by: FUJIREJA Group

The Exporter and Manufacturer of Massage Chair and Massager since 2003

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