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Do you know the benefits of using a leisure massage chair for a long time?

We all know that a leisure massage chair is a very good health care appliance. Now many families buy some massage chairs and massage every morning and evening. In this way, they can relieve muscle fatigue and promote blood circulation throughout the body. Then use leisure massage. What are the benefits of the chair? Can the massage chair be used for a long time?

The benefits of using a relaxation massage chair
1. Release the pressure
Stress relief is one of the first benefits that come to mind when thinking about massage therapy. It is also an important part of a person trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Clinical studies have shown that even a single hour-and-a-half massage can significantly reduce heart rate, cortisol levels, and insulin levels, with massage therapy helping to reduce stress. Massage triggers a chemical reaction in the brain that may lead to long-lasting relaxed feelings, lower stress, and improved mood.
2. Relieve fatigue
Standing, sitting, or walking for a long time will cause fatigue and even swelling of the legs. Stimulating the Feiyang acupoint can relieve the symptoms, and when you have low back pain, anger, runny nose, or nasal congestion, stimulating this acupoint can also make you feel more comfortable.
3. Reduce heart fire and clear internal heat
To reduce heart fire and clear internal heat, it is necessary to massage the related acupoints of the pericardium meridian. Massage-related acupoints can clear the heart and relieve heat, refresh the mind and soothe the mind. It is one of the first aid methods for heatstroke. Vascular disease.

Can I use a massage chair for long-term leisure use?
Massage chairs can be used frequently. Frequent use of massage chairs can effectively relieve fatigue and help promote blood circulation. However, it should be noted that the time of each massage should not be too long, generally not more than For half an hour, the massage chair can relieve diseases and have health care functions.

Objectively speaking, a massage chair has an effect on the health of the body. Using it for no more than 30 minutes a day can relax the whole body and eliminate fatigue, but if you want to rely on it to relieve some stubborn diseases of the back and legs, such as back pain, calf strain, etc., don’t expect too much. If you have a disease, you should go to regular medical treatment. The massage chair is very beneficial to the body, but don’t expect it to achieve the function of treatment.

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