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Are the more airbags in a real relaxed massage chair the better?

Of course not! The airbag only plays an auxiliary role. The most important part of the real relaxed massage chair is movement. The humanization and comfort of the massage program depend on the quality of the movement.

In addition to the number of airbags, the distribution, quality, and size of airbags also have a lot of attention.

The airbag of the real relaxed massage chair is used to assist the massage. The most essential thing is that the airbag is inflated, deflated, stretched, and wrapped. If there are too many airbags, it will not be able to wrap the body for massage.

Therefore, under the premise of meeting the massage needs of various parts of the body, the number of airbags needs to be more, so that the comfort of the massage will be stronger, but after a certain number, it is too much.

It should be said that the larger the total inflation volume and the inflated area of ​​the airbags, the better, rather the larger the number of airbags, the better.

After all, if there are too many airbags, such as seventy or eighty or even a hundred, and a single airbag is very small, the inflation speed will be slow and the pressure will be low, which will not squeeze the human body.

In addition, the distribution should be reasonable. For example, some brands put airbags on the buttocks. When a person sits on the buttocks, the airbag cannot expand at all, and if the guide rail is long enough, it will block the manipulator from massaging the buttocks. Another possibility is that the guide rail is too short to be pressed by the manipulator, so it must be squeezed by the airbag.

The number of airbags is moderate and the distribution is reasonable. I learned that the Aojiahua OG7608TEN+ Star Chair Exploration Edition is not bad. It has 50 sets of airbags, and at the same time, the waist airbags are newly added to push the top and press the psoas muscles to make the hot compress closer to the waist.

The airbag of the home full-body massage chair is elastic, and cushioning, but not painful, and the touch is flexible.

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Every day the whole family queues up for a massage, and the product utilization rate is extremely high!

This summer, barbecue mode has been carried out all over the country. On such a hot day and the epidemic situation, everyone should not wave around, get a massage chair and enjoy it at home, blow the air conditioner and massage, the gods will enjoy it.

The more airbags in the real relaxed massage chair, the better. This is the slogan of the business. The fact is that the more airbags, the better. Instead, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the design and layout of the position, size, and strength of the airbag.

Even if there are more airbags, if the location layout is unreasonable, it will not achieve the ideal massage effect.

In this regard, FUJIREJA body massage chairs do a better job. In the publicity, more comparisons are made of pragmatic things such as movement, guide rails, massage procedures, and after-sales service.

In short, judging whether a massage chair is good or not can not be determined simply by the number of airbags. The movement, guide rails, massage procedures, materials, etc. will affect the quality of the massage chair. Of course, the airbag is also very important. The places where the movement and the guide rail cannot be pressed are massaged by the extrusion of the airbag.

Therefore, the position distribution and the area size of the airbags also have a certain influence on the massage effect.

In addition, massage chairs are big-ticket items. Buying big-ticket items not only depends on the function of the part but also on the overall function and the brand’s after-sales service.

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