Intelligent Massage Chair

Atmospheric best-selling high-end massage chair master

Best-selling high-end massage chair

3D Intelligent Massage Chair

Just arrived at the store today “Massage Chair Master Massage Chair” Our latest best-selling high-end massage chair is here! I can’t wait to try it out!


Silky and smooth lines, in line with the aesthetics of modern people for indoor furniture, the ambient light on the side is even more amazing, sitting in it with the ambient light to enjoy a massage, full of a sense of technology!

Accessories 👉

Bluetooth speaker, LED ambient light, dual charging design:
LED mood lights are set on the side of the chair to create a high sense of ambiance and add extra value to your purchase. Both sides of the headrest are equipped with high-quality Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to listen to music while massaging. The 3D surround provides a fully immersive experience and enhances your massage enjoyment.

Mobile phone wireless + USB charging design: the armrest is equipped with a wireless charging function, and the mobile phone can be charged when you put it down, allowing you to enjoy wireless freedom.

There is also an intelligent voice control function, as long as you call “Hi FUJIREJA”, all requirements can be met!

This high-end massage chair is not only equipped with a 4D massage movement but also incorporates advanced air suspension technology, which not only ensures the strength and depth of the massage but also avoids rough massage techniques. The massage is deep without stinging. That sour feeling is really comfortable! The upper massage head can cover a range of about 10cm to 20cm, and the lower massage head can cover a massage range of 11 to 18cm. Both shoulders and necks can enjoy deep massage.

Technology 👉

The most advanced microprocessor 4D smart massage chair, this chair integrates a multi-dimensional 4D somatosensory microprocessor, flexible silicone rollers, and 14 precision sensors, which can recognize your weight and significant body features, just like the touch of human hands Same.

The 4D intelligent massage chair bid farewell to the simple and blunt mechanical massage touch of traditional massage chairs and brings an unprecedentedly comfortable and luxurious experience. It is also equipped with 4D intelligent massage hands, which can achieve deep front and rear stretching and delicately restore balance. The chair’s “Master Massage” technology is complemented by the “Walk Up and Down” and “Swing Left and Right” functions.

The function of this massage chair is also relatively comprehensive. The graphene temperature-sensitive hot compress function is added to the back, which can relieve muscle tension and is especially suitable for people who sit for a long time. The legs have a stretching function, which can be pulled and stretched to restore the vitality of the legs. With the three-stage roller massage design, the feet can also be relaxed accordingly. Especially the function of the zero-gravity space capsule, lying on it is more comfortable than lying on a big bed, and it is very pleasant to take a nap on it in the afternoon. Coupled with the considerate Bluetooth speaker function, the massage experience accompanied by music can relax both body and mind.

The best-selling high-end massage chair is positioned precisely every time, allowing you to enjoy an unparalleled “master massage” experience.

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