Is the massage chair 4D mechanism—massage hand real?

Is the massage chair 4D mechanism—massage hand real?Some people say: The world is still three-dimensional so far, so there is no real four-dimensional thing at all.

Nowadays, the 4D massage chair commonly referred to by massage chair vendors is to talk about how much their manipulator massage head mimics human techniques.

The emphasis is on the effect experience.

Whether the specific experience is really close to the feeling of human hand massage, only you use it I only know it, but the price is definitely much higher, so it’s not cost-effective.

It is also said that the industry has no unified view on 4D massage chair. At present, most of the 4D massage chair is gimmick and bluffing. It is more reasonable to mean that on the basis of 3D massage chair, a temperature control is added, that is, it can be massaged by heating the massage ball.

A bit similar to the 4-dimensional space, which means adding a temperature dimension to the existing 3-dimensional space (3D). In fact, 4D and 4D and above manipulators are all gimmicks made by businesses. The classification of mechanism by people in the industry is basically 2D and 3D mechanical massage mechanisms.

Compared with 3D, 4D does not have much breakthrough on the physical level. Generally speaking, 3D massage refers to the diversification of the operation direction of the massage manipulator, with up, down, left, right, front and back directions and angles, making the massage experience more like a human hand and more real.

The 4D massage is only deeper and more detailed. It is a massage designed according to the curvature of the human body. It is closer to the real maneuver of the masseur and fits the human body.

At the same time, it has some pinch and click functions to make it more comfortable. The current mainstream massage chairs are configured with 3D or 4D movements. Those that advertise 8D or 9D are more ridiculous. Those are actually the number of massage plates.

So, 4D massage chair is just an advertisement. In terms of the direction of movement, the three-dimensional is the end. The so-called 4D is just adding an auxiliary function, so just take a look.

Massage chair robots are divided into 1D, 2D, and 3D. Many people have already introduced the specific differences. And the 4D manipulators on the market now only add some auxiliary performance on the basis of 3D, not a direct improvement in the massage effect (1D→2D→3D).

For example, the 4D temperature-sensing movement advertised in the market only adds a heat-generating metal sheet to the 3D or even 2D manipulator. A heating device similar to an electric kettle is strictly a 3D manipulator. What’s more, some massage chairs advertise 4D and 8D robots on some 300-400 dollars.

These are basically nonsense, that is, 8 1D robots work at the same time and play 1+1 word games. In general, the iteration of the massage chair manipulator is still at the level of the 3D manipulator. The so-called 4D massage chair  is at most 3D massage chair plus or a confusing concept to entertain the public~

3D is the abbreviation of “3 Dimensions” in English. Chinese refers to three dimensions, three dimensions, and three coordinates, that is, length, width, and height. In other words, it is three-dimensional, and 3D is the concept of space, which is a space composed of three axes, X, Y, and Z, relative to a plane (2D) with only length and width.

Today’s 3D mainly refers to digital 3D/three-dimensional/stereo technology based on computers and the Internet, which can be either verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs of status, or three-dimensional digitization. Including 3D software technology and 3D hardware technology.

The 3D of the massage chair also means this. In the earliest massage chairs, the massage ball could only move up and down. Later, with the development of technology, it can move up and down, left and right.

Now, the front and rear telescopic function has been added through the slow motor. It can move up and down, left and right, and forward and backward, so it is called 3D. Originally it was just the adjustment of the massage area.

Now the intensity of the massage can be adjusted according to different acupoints, which is more similar to manual massage. From the perspective of spatial structure, the highest is 3D.

So why is there 4D?

If you have seen a 4D movie, you will feel it. The movie screen and glasses are the same as the 3D ones.

The difference is that the seat can be moved. When an earthquake occurs on the screen, your body will shake violently and feel real. When the flowers bloom on the screen, the cinema will release the scent of flowers, as if on the scene. So 4D movie is a function added based on consumer senses.

The 4D massage chair is the same. Some acupuncture points of consumers need to be warmed during massage. Engineers added a temperature adjustment function to the massage ball, named 4D, which is actually just one more function. Then some people may wonder, many massage chairs have heating function?

Indeed, regardless of 1D, 2D, or 3D massage chairs, they can all be heated. But this kind of heating is heating by placing the electric heating wire inside the massage holster, which is completely different from the heating of the massage ball.

For example, if you want to eat the porridge in the morning at night, it needs to be heated. It must be steamed or boiled in a pot to heat the porridge.

Instead of turning on the air conditioner and turning the room to the highest temperature, waiting for the porridge to heat up. In the same way, the heating of a traditional massage chair is to adjust the temperature of the entire backrest, making you feel hot.

The 4D massage chair combines your physical condition and heats the acupuncture points. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it means moxibustion.

Which one do you say is effective? It’s clear at a glance.

What improvements have been made to the current 4D massage chairs?

According to major manufacturers of massage chairs, 4D massage chairs have a deeper massage depth than 3D massage chairs. For example, the stretchable distance of 3D massage chairs is generally 3-10 cm, and the stretch range of 4D massage chairs is larger, about 12-14 cm. In the massage experience, the 4D massage chair will be more comfortable.

There is also a saying that the 4D massage chair adds audio and video scenes to the 3D massage chair.

In my opinion, when choosing a massage chair, everyone should actually experience it. After all, no matter whether it is 3D or 4D, it is a good-quality massage chair that can give people a comfortable massage experience. What do you think?

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