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Smart capsule massage chair relaxes and meditates to make you smarter!

Smart capsule massage chair relaxes and meditates to make you smarter

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Meditation in Zero Gravity with Smart Capsule Massage Chair
The Benefits of Meditating in Zero Gravity with a Smart Capsule Massage Chair

Meditation in Zero Gravity with Smart Capsule Massage Chair

When I come home from a tiring day, my shoulders and neck feel stiff. At this time, accompanied by soothing music, while shaking and massaging, the mood will be relaxed all at once.

Life is also closely accompanied. When encountering troublesome things, you can stop for a while, and then take a lazy life for a healthy life. When the body regains energy, continue to deal with difficult problems seriously.

The current massage chairs have various functions. Among them, the zero-gravity mode of the massage chair has attracted the attention of many people. It is said that the heart is lower than the legs, which brings a comfortable state.

In fact, zero gravity can be said to be weightless. It is to break away from the universal gravitation, the backrest descends, and then the legs are lifted, and the positions of the backrest, cushion, and legs are all in the most comfortable position for a human body to lie down.

Features of zero-gravity: in a zero-gravity lying state, the heart is lower than the legs. In this state of massage, the whole person is in a state of relaxation.

When lying on the smart massage chair and turning on the zero-gravity mode, close your eyes and imagine yourself traveling in space. At this moment, you don’t want to worry too much, and you really feel very comfortable.

When massaging, it can promote blood return and increase blood supply to the heart and brain.

Lying down can relax the long-term compressed spine, relax the back muscles, and reduce the compression of the spine and intervertebral discs; it can also relieve the symptoms of varicose veins and joint pain in the lower limbs.

The Benefits of Meditating in Zero Gravity with a Smart Capsule Massage Chair

With the continuous development of brain scanning and monitoring technology, more and more scientific studies have found that mindfulness meditation can actually change the brain and bring us many benefits.

  • 1. Pain relief.

In a 2011 study, researchers let participants practice meditation for 4 days and found that meditation significantly reduced pain, among which pain discomfort decreased by 57% and pain intensity decreased by 40%.

  • 2. Promote gray matter growth.

A Harvard Medical School study found that mindfulness meditation boosts the growth and development of nerve cells in specific parts of the brain. The researchers recruited 17 participants, asked them to practice mindfulness for 8 weeks, and scanned their brains before and after the practice. The results found that participants had increased gray matter volume in the left hippocampus, posterior cingulate cortex, temporoparietal junction, and cerebellum—regions involved in memory and learning processes, emotion regulation, introspection, and decision-making.

  • 3. Helps build more brain connections.

In a study on women at the University of California, Los Angeles, scientists used resting functional connection magnetic resonance technology to scan, detect and compare the brains of women who had undergone 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation and those who had not. The areas of the brain associated with sight and hearing were better connected, and those areas were also better able to maintain focus. That is, 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation can change the internal functional connections of the brain, which is reflected in longer-lasting concentration and improved sensory processing ability.

  • 4. Overcome the procrastination habit.

Researchers at the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong found a negative correlation between mindfulness and procrastination. By analyzing the habits of 339 college students, the researchers found that when college students had a high level of mindfulness, their procrastination decreased, and vice versa.

  • 5. Control emotional responses.

Controlling your emotions is the key to dealing with many psychological problems. A 2013 study from the University of Zurich in Switzerland found that practicing mindfulness can help manage emotions. In the study, 24 participants received short mindfulness exercises and 22 did not.

When shown images and pictures that elicited negative emotions, the participants who had practiced mindfulness did not respond as strongly as those who did not. Further analysis using functional magnetic resonance imaging found that the mindfulness practitioners received less external stimuli in parts of the brain that process emotions, resulting in lower emotional responses, compared with the control group. This allows one to maintain calm or at least moderate emotions in the face of negative situations, lower stress levels, and improve physical health.


When the zero-gravity mode is turned on, the massage chair will raise the legs, allowing the user to lie on the massage chair at a maximum of 180° horizontally, reducing the pressure on the spine and joints, and the massage chair has two levels of adjustment in the zero-gravity state, and the user can Choose an appropriate angle according to your needs, and the massage chair will automatically adjust the length of the feet when the zero-gravity mode is turned on so that the user can lie more comfortably, which is very suitable for massage during sleep.

Relax the body, improve the massage effect, and let the brain get a complete rest through quiet meditation.


Written by: FUJIREJA Massage Chair Group

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full body massage chair

Do you know the foot massage method and effect of the full body massage chair?

The full-body massage chair is a good choice in the field of massage chairs. So what is the method and effect of foot massage on the FUJIREJA massage chair?

FUJIREJA, as a mid-to-high-end OEM brand, continues to expand into the field of smart home and health care equipment through technological innovation and functional development and uses big data and cloud technology to improve the technical level of products and provide users with personalized customized services.

The foot massage method and effect of the full body massage chair:

1) Foot airbag and heating: wrap the foot through the airbag, squeeze the foot through the inflation and deflation of the airbag, and cooperate with the heat therapy of 40-50 degrees of the sole of the foot to effectively relieve insomnia, dizziness, and other troubles.

2) Foot vibration: stimulating massage on human feet, applying pressure to the acupoints on the soles of the feet, dredging the meridians, reconciling qi and blood, relieving fatigue, and adjusting the function of the body.

3) Foot Roller: Using foot roller technology, the protruding massage contact points simulate human acupressure on the sole of the foot, deeply stimulate the important acupoints in the reflex zone, effectively strengthen the corresponding organ functions in the body, and enhance the body’s ability to resist diseases.

4) Foot flip: Flip-type foot support bracket design, the maximum flip angle is 90 degrees. When sitting and standing massage, it forms a right angle with the calf, so that the foot can be fully and evenly stressed; when performing a reclining or zero-gravity massage, the support bracket and the calf are reversed into a flat arc to ensure massage comfort.

5) Three-segment sole: The sole roller is divided into three segments, both the axis wheel and the massage wheel can be rotated, and the reflex area of the sole is stimulated continuously through the rotation of the massage wheel to achieve the purpose of health care.

6) Foot scraping and kneading massage: According to the special massage bumps on the foot acupoints, the scraping massage method like a professional masseuse, with a stroke of about 3CM, massages the Yongquan acupoint on the sole of the foot, whether it is gentle and stable or gradually. Strengthening can bring a comfortable massage effect.

Whether at home or in the office, you can have a full-body massage at any time, which is indeed good health care and enjoyment. A full-body massage chair is worth having for sub-health people, beauty lovers and the elderly.

Written by: FUJIREJA Group
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full body massage chair

Full body massage chairs, what is it really?

Full body massage chairs can simultaneously massage 169 acupoints in eight major parts of the body, including the neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, and soles of the feet.

The whole body chair is different from the local massage chair, which is mainly reflected in the full automatic state of the whole body, which can perform all-round and multi-angle massage. And some massage chairs do not have a leg massage function.

The massage chair can more effectively carry out health massage, massage on eight parts of the body, and 169 acupoints. It can promote blood circulation, improve back pain and prevent diseases, improve sleep quality, enhance immunity, improve posture and exercise a healthy body.full body massage chair

The main function of the full body massage chair
1. Back massage
The massage robot arm massages the entire back by simulating the massage techniques of professional masseurs such as kneading, swinging, and acupressure. Relax with a soothing back massage.

2. Kneading massage
The unique kneading mechanism of the massage chair can simulate the kneading technique of a professional masseuse, and apply traction, squeezing, kneading, and other massages to the sore and numb muscles of the back, which can stimulate the muscles softly, and apply different strengths to the key parts. Kneading massage to restore muscle fiber elasticity and speed up blood circulation.

3. Swing massage function
The massage chair adjusts the front, back, left and right positions of the spine through natural and relaxing rocking massage activates each spine and ligament, corrects the spine, stimulates the sympathetic nerve, activates cells, and promotes blood circulation.

4. Shiatsu massage
The massage chair has built-in finger pressure rollers, which exert suitable force on certain acupoints of the human body, imitating the technique of a professional massage therapist, and perform a repeated acupressure massage on the back acupuncture points, which effectively stimulates the acupuncture points of the human body and makes the blood circulation more efficient. Smooth and enhance human immunity.

5. Vibration massage
The vibration massage function of the massage chair, through the vibration massager, can generate continuous massage vibration waves, promote the blood circulation of capillaries, and quickly eliminate fatigue.

6. The hip air pressure massage belt allows you to relax your whole body in a comfortable massage.
rock up and down
The seat cushion of the massage chair has a built-in air pressure massage device on the thigh, which can squeeze and massage the thigh and buttocks, quickly relieve pain and fatigue, and promote blood circulation.

7. Calf air pressure massage
The calf massage mechanism of the massage chair has built-in airbags, which are distributed on both sides of the legs. It can perform gentle and powerful squeezing and kneading massage on the thighs during a massage, so as to quickly eliminate the fatigue and soreness of the legs.

8. Angle adjustment function
The finger massage chair is specially equipped with double electric stepless adjusters, which can adjust the working angle of the chair back and the tripod according to the user’s personal preference, which can satisfy any massage posture so that you can perform the massage chair in a sitting position, or you can Lie down for a zero gravity massage.

9. Electronic timing function
The built-in microcomputer chip of the massage chair with the electronic timing function has a variety of timing functions. When the massage starts, the electronic timer starts, and after the massage time expires, the massage chair will automatically stop to avoid physical discomfort caused by excessive massage.

10. Automatic massage program
The massage chair with an automatic massage program simulates the massage techniques of professional masseuses, compiles corresponding automatic massage programs, and applies high-tech technology to store on the microcomputer chip. It can automatically drive the massage device and massage the human body with various techniques. . The user can choose the corresponding automatic program, and a comfortable and relaxing massage will bring you unlimited comfort.

11. Tripod telescopic function
The legs of the calf massage can be adjusted in length according to your needs, which has achieved a better massage effect.

12. 3D massage function
The 3D massage function is a major breakthrough in today’s massage chairs, which enables the mechanical arm to move horizontally while moving vertically, which greatly improves the comfort of massage, and can effectively massage the shoulder through the horizontal movement of the massage arm. The upper part of the massage chair cannot be massaged by ordinary massage chairs, and the high cost of massage chairs with 3D functions results in higher prices.

Written by: FUJIREJA Group
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